Simple yet powerful tools

Informative and completely free kill and death discord tracker for your guild as well as some other useful tools.

Immersive and versatile kill/death tracker

You can track both kills and deaths of whole guild or separate players. Bot posts game-like events posts as soon as it spots anyone from watchlist making a kill or being killed. It supports both equipped and bag inventory.

Server status tracking

Receive server status messages and be first to enter the game and gather all the sweets.
12:32 @here :server: Server gone offline.
12:57 @here :server: Server is online.

Usage guide

To use command just type it into any text channel bot has read access to

Note: all parameters should be provided without asterisks <@702099928830443570> setup *lang* *timezone* setup bot for your server

Available options: lang - system language, one of: ru(russian), en(english) timezone - gmt timezone, i.e: gmt+12, -2, GMT+3

<@702099928830443570> settle *notificationType* subscribe to notifications and settle them in current channel

notificationType options: kills - recent kills deaths - recent deaths status - servers status

<@702099928830443570> watch *type* *part of or full name* watch the object of interest described by query

Supported types: guild - search for guild player - search for player

<@702099928830443570> forget *type* *part of or full name* remove object of interest described by query from your watch list

Supported types: guild - search for guild player - search for player

<@702099928830443570> player *part of or full name* display player information card by his nickname

<@702099928830443570> lost *up to 10 links or ids* calculate silver lost by victim on listed events

response speed hardly depends on Albion Online service status

More features are coming

Join our discord server to see all the upcoming features, suggest or discuss new ones and test them before others.